This Garden is Going to Rock!

A bunch of us got together over the weekend and did some serious maintenance work. Kate M dropped off some potted plants. Albert, Tom, and Kate M mowed the grass and whipper snipped the edges. Julie entertained the kids for a while and also pulled up a very aggressive pumpkin type plant from our veggie plot. We have one new garden bed that Albert and Julie put together, it’s waiting for pony poo. I stood around with a baby on my back, sweating bullets and helping he kids to plant seedlings in the front garden bed. There are probably people and things I’m missing, but I think that’s the main gist of it all (sorry if I forgot anyone!).

We’re waiting to hear back on a grant application that was lodged by Kate M and another volunteer. Also, we’re waiting to hear back from Bunnings who, fingers crossed, will help us with our community initiative by providing material goods, like water tanks, hoses, access to seedlings, etc.

Stay posted for a beginning of the year social gathering. A little garden hangout, and then we will discuss the upcoming plans for the new year.




Garden Meeting, Saturday 7 December, Come along and help!

7 December
4:00 NSW, 3:00 QLD  

There a several things needing attention in the garden.  If as many of us as possible could gather to lend a hand and knock it over it would be fun.

Julie & Albert are geared up to put together more garden beds, extra hands will assist construction.

Front area needs trimming and mowing. I should have our equipment up from our farm ready for action. if anyone has a spare mower or whipper snipper to bring this will help too.

Worm farm: review and start of next farm.

Rainwater tank: is on site but needs hands to lift onto pellets.

Trailer is on site:  a wood chip or moo poo run could also be under taken.

Meeting For All Those Interested, Sunday 10 November

November 10th, 4-5pm QLD time, 5-6pm NSW time

New starters or interested people welcome.  Just bring yourself, friends and kids…

Discuss further garden developments in the back, water and rainwater tanks, access, membership, use of new logo, social get together  to meet others, worm farm and compost programme, use of bee keeping equipment and shed access.

For those interested but don’t know “How it works” feel welcome to come along and have a chat.

Simply, a $30 annual membership fee (family);  you can have or share a plot, the shed will be stocked with equipment, you are welcome and free to come and go as you please and grow as you wish. Simple really.

But please:  only take from your own garden/ plot , you are not free to harvest from other plots, sharing with permissionis encouraged.

Please pass on this info to others who may be interested but not connected.

How To Get Involved with Enid Street Community Garden

The new worms getting ready to go in the worm farm.

The new worms getting ready to go in the worm farm.

As a community garden, we are open to all community input!  Every person has the potential to share great ideas, experience and advice, even if you have no experience in gardening.  If you’ve been thinking about getting involved with the community garden in Tweed, but you’re not quite sure where to start, or how things will run, here are a few ideas to consider.

  • Your involvement can be at any level, whether you’re vaguely interested, want to help out occasionally, have an active garden bed, or even offer some of your skills as a volunteer.  We have many people working on different levels of involvement according to the time they have available or their trade skills that they may have to offer.
  • There will be an annual membership fee of $20-30 to cover our Incorporated status, insurance and some marginal costs.
  • We will build a shed bank of tools for gardeners to use and share.
  •  An onsite compost pile has been created, plus a worm farm.
  • Once your plot is allocated you can grow how and what you wish, within sustainable ecological parameters.
  • If you wish to grow flowers, herbs, vegies or any combination it is entirely up you and / or  to the plot participants if you are sharing. The plot does need to be worked, cared and maintained; if you request, and are allocated, a plot and then don’t use or value it you may need to be asked to show cause.
  • We will aim to create a community atmosphere within the Garden group. By networking with other gardeners hopefully we can all learn, bumble along together, share the experience and work.
  • There is capacity for creative and novel types of gardens, a substantial  neighbouring wall could offer a challenge for inspirational vertical gardens; roof of sheds is available space also
  • Some may wish to try an aqua culture and water feature.
  • Those with restricted mobility are welcomed and we will aim to accommodate individual needs in planning the back section of the garden and or forming small groups to share plots.

For more information on ways you can get involved (at any level), email us at


visit us on facebook

Quick Easy DIY ‘Fertilizer’ from Kitchen Scraps

Thanks Al!

I asked an enlightened gardener friend of mine for his recipe for his ‘compost tea’ that he feeds to his plants. This is a really easy way to make fertilizer for your plants in a jiffy, without having to leave your house or wait for things to compost! I found this method really great because I have all container plants on my balconies and we have no yard or space for a real compost bin, other than a bokashi bin. Bokashi bins are great, but take some time and are potentially a pain and require some maintenance. Here’s how you make the tea, I’ll call it ‘Al’s Garden Tea’.

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