This Garden is Going to Rock!

A bunch of us got together over the weekend and did some serious maintenance work. Kate M dropped off some potted plants. Albert, Tom, and Kate M mowed the grass and whipper snipped the edges. Julie entertained the kids for a while and also pulled up a very aggressive pumpkin type plant from our veggie plot. We have one new garden bed that Albert and Julie put together, it’s waiting for pony poo. I stood around with a baby on my back, sweating bullets and helping he kids to plant seedlings in the front garden bed. There are probably people and things I’m missing, but I think that’s the main gist of it all (sorry if I forgot anyone!).

We’re waiting to hear back on a grant application that was lodged by Kate M and another volunteer. Also, we’re waiting to hear back from Bunnings who, fingers crossed, will help us with our community initiative by providing material goods, like water tanks, hoses, access to seedlings, etc.

Stay posted for a beginning of the year social gathering. A little garden hangout, and then we will discuss the upcoming plans for the new year.




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