Meeting For All Those Interested, Sunday 10 November

November 10th, 4-5pm QLD time, 5-6pm NSW time

New starters or interested people welcome.  Just bring yourself, friends and kids…

Discuss further garden developments in the back, water and rainwater tanks, access, membership, use of new logo, social get together  to meet others, worm farm and compost programme, use of bee keeping equipment and shed access.

For those interested but don’t know “How it works” feel welcome to come along and have a chat.

Simply, a $30 annual membership fee (family);  you can have or share a plot, the shed will be stocked with equipment, you are welcome and free to come and go as you please and grow as you wish. Simple really.

But please:  only take from your own garden/ plot , you are not free to harvest from other plots, sharing with permissionis encouraged.

Please pass on this info to others who may be interested but not connected.