And… We Have Poo!

Pony Poo

Pony Poo

We have poo!!!  Pony poo, that is.  Thanks to the Tweed Heads Pony Club for providing our community garden with pony poo!  Everyone was busy this afternoon, shoveling and dumping poo in the front planter beds.  Well, I was sort of standing around with my thumb in my nose taking photos… I did have one baby on my back and a 3 year old to watch and make sure she didn’t get run over by a wheelbarrow.  As my daughter was falling asleep tonight, she was asking all about the poo…

So… mummy, why did they put pony poo in the garden beds?’, she asked

That does seem a little funny, doesn’t it!’?’, I replied, ‘It’s because when we put the plants in the planter beds, the poo will help the plants to grow.’

She said, ‘Ok, so, the plants will grow from the poo and then we’ll eat the plants and that means that we’ll eat the pony poo?’.

Oh… haha!  I love conversations with 3 year olds!

In the planter beds, we have wood chips and pony poo as the fill.  And, soon, on top of the fill, we will be putting soil and compost.  It all sounds like a very nutrient rich little environment for our garden to grow in!

Big team effort!

Big team effort!

Networking in Action

We had quite a little crowd for late on a Thursday afternoon, I would say about 10 people, give or take a few kids and a few people standing around talking (ahem, like myself).  But, even standing around and just ‘talking’ at a community garden might mean something.  For example, I was standing around talking to a lady from another community garden nearby, in Tugun.  She is in charge of grants and donations for her community garden and she was very interested in helping to get our community garden on its feet.  I have an interest in working on raising money from grants and donations, so we were brainstorming about ways we can work together to help get more money for both gardens!  A bit of synergy!  She was saying how it actually pays for community gardens to work in alliance because it means that we can raise even more money.  She was also saying how gathering money to run a community is something that is relatively easy when compared to raising money for anything else.

Bird's eye view

Bird’s eye view

Next Steps

I *think*, although I’m not sure, that our next steps are to secure soil and compost and worms!  Kate was also saying that once the garden beds are filled with soil and compost, that we need to let them settle for a couple of weeks before we start planting.  Wow, I can’t wait to start planting!



Scarecrows, sculptures… and worms!


Things have been moving along rather quickly with our community garden this week!  Well, it may not ‘look’ like things have been moving along, as nothing much physically has changed, other than some of the house renovations.  But, lots of planning and paperwork and ideas have been rolling and it will be really soon that we start seeing our first garden beds in the front of the house being filled.  Here’s what’s been happening: Continue reading

Front Planter Beds Ready to Go!

Well, I was on my way to play group and schlepping kids around, but our Enid Street Garden saw some work over the past few days. Look how many planter beds they fit in just the front yard! Looks beautiful!  I saw Luke doing some work, not sure if some others were involved with the construction, but it looks fantastic!  The timber is from Uki (not sure of the name of the company who supplies it?).


Hard at work!

Hard at work!


Here they are, half way finished